Roki Ozai is an indie artist who blends elements from musicians such as Lorde, Kanye West, Rihanna, MGMT, Foster the People, Playboi Carti, Erykah Badu, Lady Gaga, Sampha, and more in order to seamlessly merge genres and writing styles. Born and raised in NYC, she uses music to express her anxieties about humanity and societal systems to which she doesn't understand how to conform. And she won't. :)


out on April 26th

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Breaking Boundaries: UHMIYAH Is Undefined

“There's these expectations  on black artists to fit stereotypes of what we're supposed  to be like  grills and gold and nudity. And that's fine, that's cool, that's wonderful, but we are other things too”

"UHMIYAH’s goal was to make pop music that is untraditional, but still timeless. Her strength lies in her versatility. Every song sounds different and draws from new aesthetics all the time: something or someone very specific."   

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